Testimonials – Jenni Wright

‘Good morning Lucy
We have worked with Susan Duncan on previous occasions during the process of selling two of our investment properties at Royal Palm, Palm Beach.
Susan provided exceptional service on both occasions and managed to successfully market and sell both properties, meeting our expectations both on sale price and also selling quickly with minimal disruption to the holiday tenancies.
Due to the result Susan achieved with the first two properties we have also listed another property for sale with your agency.  Susan, together with her new business partner Jenni, have been working on this listing.   We have been impressed with their dedication to marketing this property, which has been quite difficult due to it being quite heavily booked in the holiday rental pool at the complex.   They have both worked closely with the manager of the complex to organise open houses and inspections while working around holiday bookings.
Due to my experience with the sale of these properties I will continue to use Lucy Cole for the sale of any future properties in the Gold Coast area and would have no hesitation in recommending Susan and Jenni as agents to any friends or associates to wish to sell any properties in this area.’- Sharon

‘Dear Lucy,
I’ve been dealing with Real Estate Representatives  on the Gold coast and all over Queensland  as an investor and owner occupier alike for two decades.  Susan and Jenni’s professionalism surpassed all my expectations.  We were not treated like  clients but part of the team yet knew we were in the hands of experienced representatives who had control at the helm.  We could relax  which was what set them apart. They forecast every move and communicated like no other agents we have ever dealt with in the past.  These ladies covered all bases and when it came time to sell our family home of 22 years they made the process seamless.

Kind Regards
Dr and Mrs Paul Ferguson’

‘Susan Duncan has recently handled the sales of an apartment at Palm Beach for me. I was very impressed with her friendly and helpful assistance in preparing the apartment and professional manner in which she finalised a very successful sale in just four weeks. If you are considering choosing a real estate agent, I strongly recommend you engage Susan. ‘– Allan Fell

‘I write this commendation for Susan Duncan as an expression of gratitude to someone I consider to be an outstanding professional.

Susan recently delivered an outcome I desperately needed where others had previously failed. This year my circumstances compelled me to try and sell unit. Obviously I sought a decent price and hoped to achieve this within a decent time frame.

Of the numerous agents that expressed an interest in taking on the property (several of them rather well known, well respected figures in the industry) what stood out for me about Susan was the following:
There was very matter of fact approach with her, she didn’t over play or under play the challenge, but came across as motivated and realistic. Spin was kept to a minimum with Susan.
A good deal of questions from Susan indicated an appreciation of detail and the importance of dealing with the little things as well as the big picture.
There was directness and honesty which gelled with me, because as a seasoned professional myself I know there are never any short-cuts when it comes to sales and business.
Susan struck me as an individual of her word, someone who would work very hard to achieve what she set out to do and indeed this proved to be spot on, she was tenacious and thorough.
In choosing Susan to represent me I feel that my judgement and hunch was correct, experiences, hard work, tenacity and drive were what paid off for this particular sale.’ – Paul Vieira


Good Morning Susan & Jenni

Both Glen & I want to thank you for you assistance and professionalism regarding the purchase of our new property in Elliott Street.

I wanted to wait for Glen to get home last night to open your generous house warming gift which is very much appreciated & will be consumed enthusiastically.

We are looking forward to making some improvements to the house & garden and will invite you for a peek when they are complete.

Regards Kay & Glen ☺🏡