Our Team - Staff Profile


Prestige Property Consultant

Where are you from?
A country girl at heart I was born in Moree NSW and lived there until I was 19 years old. Coming from a large family of seven children I soon learnt that you only get what you want from being independent, working hard and chasing your dreams whether they are big or small. So, I packed up and relocated to Brisbane where I started working for Telstra.

How did you come to live and work on the Gold Coast?
After working in Brisbane for 10 years for Telstra I found myself driving to the Coast every weekend to go to the beaches and just to get away from the city life, maybe my country life style was calling me back? Eventually after some negotiation with Telstra I was given an office on
the Gold Coast and well, the rest was history.

What drew you to Lucy Cole?
I’ve been working in the property industry for quite some time and I consider working with Lucy Cole an absolute privilege. Having such a professional, family-orientated business behind you when selling is an advantage. Lucy Cole Prestige Properties reputation on the coast
as being the place to go if you want prestige property and service was my only choice when deciding who to work for.

What’s your background?
Prior to working with Lucy I worked for Telstra Mobile in their Sales, Marketing and advertising team in Brisbane. I managed the advertising, sales and marketing for some of Telstra’s largest corporate clients. I loved the position and fast-paced environment and thrived under pressure. After 15 years with the company, I took some time off to be a stay at
home mum to raise my two beautiful children, Piper and Harper but soon got itchy feet and wanted to get my brain moving again. Along with becoming a qualified florist and learning how to make amazing wedding and birthday cakes, I decided that property management was where my flare for real estate could flourish.

What prompted the move into real estate?
I have always had an extreme interest in property. Having bought, renovated and sold several properties I constantly watched the market for my next project. Real Estate gives me the ability
to use my creativity, ignite my passion for sales and use my honest friendly professionalism to get the best results for my clients.

What appealed to you about property?
My ability to negotiate successfully with potential sellers and buyers in order to get over and above the best price for a client’s property is a real buzz. Along with finding the perfect home for someone who has been looking for a long time is something I also enjoy doing. I like to build a relationship with my clients to ensure that I get the best possible outcome and result for them ensuring that I can meet all their needs and expectations.

What is your specialty or interest?
My specialty is my ability to relate to people from all walks of life. I do think my country upbringing has a lot to do with this. I treat people with respect and give the utmost honesty. I have sold some extremely prestigious properties and broken records with the prices. I believe my creativity and experience in helping the vendors present the property along with my marketing background and ideas helps me achieve the best result for all my vendors.

What skills do you bring that enhance the business and benefit your clients?
I’ve been in marketing, sales and advertising for many years this is something that in the Real Estate industry you need to have to ensure your finger is on the pulse. Along with my friendly nature and ability to communicate.

What do you love about living on the Gold Coast?
Living on the Gold Coast is just amazing. You can be on the beach one minute, Sailing on the river in a boat or hiking in the bush all within 20 minutes of each other this is something not a lot of other cities can offer. Being active and enjoying the outdoors makes the Gold Coast the ideal place to live and to sell property to such a variety of people who make their way to the Gold Coast each year.