Our Team - Staff Profile

Fabian Ricca

Project Sales Manager

What is your background prior to real estate?
I have been a builder and working in development for 25 years. I have worked with Lucy for many
years, she’s sold many developments of mine. Now I head up the New Projects Division, specializing new developments. It’s a huge market and we are well positioned to take advantage of the phenomenal growth. When you’ve been on the other side of the fence and know how it operates right down to the workers on site, it helps with working with developers and getting the best outcome for clients.

When did you make the leap to a career in
I have all my real estate qualifications and licenses, and a thorough understanding of marketing. For the past decade or so I have marketed including my own developments.

What are some of the achievements in your
Over the years, I have been awarded Queensland Master Builder Association awards and HIA Awards. It’s the highest accolade you can get, when industry recognises your work, and that’s what I am most proud of – my reputation and my track record.

What do you like about the industry?
It’s all about the people. I love the diversity of the projects and working with interstate investors and overseas clients. I have a strong clientele base and good numbers background and I love the relationships I have made with people who rely on my advice. I take it very seriously.

What motivates you in your career?
I am passionate about the industry. I love being involved with development, builders and all the
different people engaged in a project. These are long term relationships, some of them for life.
I am adding to people’s portfolios and bringing them financial security.

What is the feedback from your clients?
They trust me, on the basis of my word or one phone call. I have built wonderful relationships
over the years, and these are ongoing. Because of my background and knowledge, I am very specific
about what I select for clients. It has to meet top criteria for quality, value for money and ROI. I
make sure their investments are working for them and keep in touch with them regularly.

How do you keep your skills and knowledge
I am fully licensed, but a major part of working at Lucy Cole Prestige Properties is attending
professional seminars. The company provides constant in-house sessions relevant to the
industry. Being a licensed builder, I have to keep pace with the latest technology and techniques.

How does living and working on the GC inspire
I am originally from Melbourne, where I was born and educated, and I have lived and worked
in Sydney. I moved to the Gold Coast 23 years ago and would never move away. This is home!
I love living around water. The people are nice, everybody has a positive attitude. It’s very
cosmopolitan. Gold Coasters are a resilient people and our work ethic is stronger than
elsewhere. We are all grateful to live here in the sunshine, that leads to a cheery outlook! The
company, Lucy Cole, is extraordinary and the team are dynamic, highly ethical and progressive
– everything I practised in my business.