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Chris Boshoff

Sales Specialist Central Gold Coast

After settling in Australia from South Africa, it took only two years in property sales for Chris Boshoff to be recognised a top performer.

2003 and 2004 consecutively saw Chris attain Elite Performer status, one of only 145 Elite Members in Australia and New Zealand for exceptional sales results. He has also consistently been in the top 10 salespeople for number of properties sold.

Action, adventure, accolades Chris Boshoff embodies all of these things and more.

Prior to his arrival in Australia in 1999, Chris owned a caravan and boat business in South Africa, where he carved out a reputation for being an energetic and astute industry proponent. A keen sportsman and water-skier, Chris visited Australia as a team member of the South African contingent for the World Ski Race Championships in 1997.

It was during a three day break that he visited the Gold Coast and fell in love with the area. He returned with his family two years later and has never looked back. “I joined Lucy Cole Prestige Properties Broadbeach’ because their high profile ‘Wave’ building office has such a sensational location and access to a huge number of potential clients and of course Lucy Cole Prestige Properties is a leading name in Australian real estate. “I firmly believe the Gold Coast is the best place on earth and I am privileged to be listing and selling property here. The integrity and profile of the company that I represent are paramount.” Chris still finds time for his other passions like collecting art, travelling, exploring the area during 4×4 wheel drive excursions to Morton and Stradbroke Islands, waterskiing and has a liking of the extreme sports such as bungy jumping, white water rafting and recently skydiving.

“I am motivated by the sheer excitement of never really knowing what the each day has in store for me.”

Having a combination of our 45 kilometres of the best beaches on the planet plus the dynamic ever-evolving city. Add to that its audacious developers, innovative architects, farsighted city leaders and finally laidback but sophisticated locals and visitors that make up this place that I have the privilege to sell that constantly inspires me!

I do not limit myself to a certain price range. Every person that I have the privilege to work with on a daily basis will have the same level of engagement to their individual needs and wants. What I do is incredibly serious business at all levels, working with my client’s hard earned money and long term major investments is not taken lightly. Most times I am not just selling property, I am moving people from one stage in their lives to the next exciting stage on the Gold Coast!

I’ll do everything possible to handle their business proficiently, keeping it simple and going the extra mile, no matter what. Basically I give them all the time they would need to make an educated purchasing/selling decision.

Chris Boshoff
0409 740 302