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Lease Appraisal


For most people, their rental properties are their most significant investments, so you need to be sure you are putting your vital assets into the hands of somebody who you can trust. The team is Lucy Cole Prestige Properties is the best in the business.

If you have just purchased a rental investment or you are already renting to tenants, we strongly recommend receiving a free, on-obligation, market appraisal of the rental potential of your property. Our expert team will analyse your property in terms of location, features, the size and quality of the buildings, and the surrounding market. We will provide you with a detailed report about our findings so that you can take action.

Our reports details issues such as:

  1. Rental Price Estimate (how much can you expect to receive in the current market)
  2. Maintenance recommendations (what needs to be done to achieve maximum returns and keep tenants happy)
  3. Current Market Trends and Conditions (what is happening in the market now and what trends are emerging)
  4. Compliance issues (laws governing tenancies are forever changing and many people are aware of their legal obligations as landlords)

If you want a free, on-obligation rental appraisal on your property, please contact our team right now or complete the form below and we will get back in contact with you.