Sun, surf, and sand – what’s not to love?

The Gold Coast has once again been crowned the most searched region for international property seekers.

“The Gold Coast has always been a popular destination for both domestic and international property seekers, but the pandemic saw demand soar.” “The Gold Coast is a lifestyle area and encapsulates what Australia is globally known for: beautiful weather and a relaxed lifestyle. “Overseas property seekers often want a piece of that lifestyle when they make the move to Australia.

The surge in demand was also driven by affordability of property on the Gold Coast and the fact Queensland faced fewer lockdowns compared to other states. The pandemic and ongoing hybrid work arrangements have provided people with flexibility when it comes to where they live and work, which may see demand for Gold Coast property remain strong.

On a national level, the report showed combined buy and rent searches for Australian property were up 44 per cent year-on-year – taking them to the highest volume on record. About 75% of buy and rent searches came from the United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand.